Manual Chiropractic Adjustments

Our bodies are made of many joints that are meant to achieve a normal range of motion (ROM). When they stop moving properly, or “feel stuck” it can signal a pain response. Our doctors are trained to recognize joints that could use a little help getting moving. They apply gentle, comfortable pressure to assist the joint in returning to its normal movements.



From Olympians to Average Joe's, this tape gets the job done. We use RockTape to add that extra bit of support, strength, and competitive advantage. In the hands of our experienced staff, we can safely and effectively keep you at your peak performance!

Spine & Sport Nutrition!

Diet can be hard and the truth is, there’s no easy fix. Our team will help you get on track to a happier, healthier lifestyle with staying power! We can help you meet your goals.

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Sports Physicals

We can provide all grade level Sports Physicals in the State of Iowa.
We can also provide Sports Physicals for Clarke University.